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AYWAILLE The Caves of Remouchamps

The Caves of Remouchamps

Also, barely 15 km from the gîte

come and discover the longest underground navigation in the world

It can be visited on foot on the way for 800 meters through spectacular rooms and galleries

The return is by boat over a distance of 700 meters which makes it the longest underground navigation in the world!

The entire visit is conducted under the guidance of multilingual guides:



With its narrow passages and more than 400 steps, the Grotto is not

accessible to people with reduced mobility.

The duration of the visit is +/- 1h15

Contact: 04 / 360.90.70

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The Caves of Sougné-Remouchamps

Grottes de Remouchamps source Wikipédia Source  Liège Tourisme Visites en groupe