What's offered to you free of charge

What pays off
Payment terms


¤¤START¤¤Your bedding is lined with beautiful linens matching the colours of the room¤¤CR¤¤Bath towels - one game per person: shower - sink - glove¤¤CR¤¤Kitchen towels¤¤CR¤¤One hairdryer per bathroom¤¤CR¤¤Wi-Fi throughout the building¤¤CR¤¤For the bits of cabbage: 2 high chairs - a changing mat - a small pot¤¤CR¤¤Basic cooking spices: salt, pepper, etc....¤¤END¤¤


¤¤START¤¤Electricity: $0.50 / Kwatt day and night following index reading¤¤CR¤¤Water: 6 euros / M3 next index reading¤¤CR¤¤Fuel oil: 5.20 euros per hour in operation following the index reading¤¤CR¤¤Pellets: €6 per bag available¤¤CR¤¤Tax: 6 euros per night¤¤CR¤¤Garbage bins: 10 euros / we - 15 euros a week - Container all coming¤¤CR¤¤Mandatory cleaning: €110¤¤CR¤¤¤¤CR¤¤CHARGES: NETTOYAGE:¤¤CR¤¤A provision is requested on the day of entry¤¤CR¤¤To see at the signing of the contract ..... following the season¤¤CR¤¤¤¤CR¤¤You have to count for all the loads, including cleaning, 210 euros the following obviously your consumption¤¤END¤¤


¤¤START¤¤ACOMPTE: 50% of the rent to be paid at the signing of the contract¤¤CR¤¤SOLDE is 5 days before the keys are handed over to our bank account,¤¤CR¤¤or cash when you arrive¤¤CR¤¤¤¤CR¤¤LOCATIVE GARANTIE: 500 euros to be paid¤¤CR¤¤beforehand in our bank account,¤¤CR¤¤either in cash on the day of entry,¤¤END¤¤