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I am a real estate agent retired and passionate since always by the transformation of buildings: I liked to make them more functional and especially more pleasant to live.
I fully realized my dreams when I was able to deploy all my experience in the construction of these cottages, from this spacious barn and its hay, both built of local stone.
What a pleasure to see the joy of holidaymakers when they discover the luxurious space in this small rural hamlet. What happiness!


When my mother offered me this beautiful adventure that the complete renovation of this barn and her hayloft, while my life is all turned to art in all its forms, I did not hesitate to trust him. I knew she was going to realize her dream like me I realize mine.
I am a composer, musician, music teacher in Bordeaux ..
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David Atria artist

My life in Bordeaux pleases me enormously, my frequent returns in our pretty Ardenne revive me with joy.