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The pretty walks at Ninglinspo

14.7 kms from the gîte

This natural and forest region does not care so much about administrative conventions that it navigates happily between Belgium, Luxembourg, France and Germany.

This ancient mountain range has kept a surprising relief and a terribly green nature.

The only torrent in Belgium, the Ninglinspo roams the Ardennes valley from Vert-Buisson to Nonceveux, to take you into an enchanting universe of steep paths and geological curiosities.

Formed at a place called "La fourchette" by the streams of Blanches Pierres and Hornay, the Ninglinspo makes its way between huge blocks of quartzite for 3.5 km and descends a slope of 7.5%.

The work of Ninglinspo in this wild valley gives rise to numerous waterfalls as well as baths, the names of which all invite you to dream: Diana Bath, Deer Bath, Venus Bath ...

A real gem unique in Belgium, the Ninglinspo will amuse and amaze young and old

One more :Bathing

At Ninglinspo, you are offered a swim that is different from that of others.

Here, in this romantic little valley near Remouchamps, the river has carved out natural pools and waterfalls of sufficient depth for you to swim.

The absolute dream! "Les bains du cerf" are accessible after a short walk of 2.5km.

Photos Pierre PAUQUAY

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