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DURBUY "Smallest town in the world"


is often promoted as

"The smallest city in the world":

This tourist slogan refers to a franchise charter granted by King Jean de Bohème, Count of Luxembourg, which in 1331 gave city status to the city on the banks of the Ourthe.

The castle perched on a rocky promontory has a romantic feel. At its feet, nestles a small town of stones, preserved by time. Surrounded by a river (the Ourthe), hills and woods, the "smallest town in the world" seems sheltered from everything. Its plan in the arc of a circle reveals that the river once bypassed it.

Who better than the link to this site will be able to inform you of the history but also of all the possibilities for visiting this pretty little town that you absolutely must discover or revisit for your greatest pleasure


Difficulties in
move for people with reduced mobility

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Durbuy, 20 'by car from La Grange de David

David , résident à Bordeaux, visite Durbuy Quoi de mieux qu'une jolie terrasse ombragée pour se reposer un instant Ville touristique se conjugue avec ville commerçante Le château On se sent tout petit face à cette roche !