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MANHAY Saint Antoine - Sainte Rita

Pilgrimage site

27 kms from La Grange de David

Saint-Antoine 6960 Harre

Accessible to people with reduced mobility

The Sanctuary of Saint-Antoine (Manhay) is one of the oldest places of pilgrimage in Belgium.

According to a legend, it all started when a shepherd, having lost himself in the wooded expanses of the Ardennes, called upon St Anthony of Padua to find his way. In recognition, he built a small chapel. It is from this moment that more and more pilgrims come to pray in this place.

The current church dates from the end of the 19th century and, if there is nothing extraordinary about architecture, there is a density of devotion, prayer, manifested by so many candles, photos, plaques of thanks,

In addition, the small chapel (maximum 300 people) welcomes, over the years, other saints whom we call our patron saints . Indeed,Saint Rita equals Saint Anthony in popularity, and Saint Peregrine (invoked in case of cancer), Saint Padre Pio, Saint Therese of Lisieux and Our Lady of Healing also attract a lot of people.

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Saint-Antoine Burnontige Accueil L'Eglise