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The Little Batte on Sunday in Bomal-sur-Ourthe

Une terrasse conviviale

Une terrasse conviviale


Every Sunday morning, you can go for a walk, shop, have an aperitif on a terrace and why not eat at LA PETITE BATTE. Barely 13 kms from the gîte, this large market is divided by a watercourse, the AISNE, an Ardennes river flowing only in the Province of Luxembourg.

LA PETITE BATTE, so named as the "little sister" of the GRANDE BATTE DE LIEGE, is not just a market. There is a very special atmosphere there. The merchants are friendly and you will find a multitude of shops of all categories there, from florists, to snacks, fruit and vegetable merchants, clothing, leather goods, not to mention sweets...... .What fun!

A plus: THE SASSIN. This covered flea market will delight you with the variety of displays. By antiquing, you will probably discover the unusual object that will make you happy


Rue Sassin, 1
6941 Bomal-sur-Ourthe

Such. : 086212484