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Offer a gift card !


The pleasure of welcoming you to our Access-i gite

The person(s) you wish to celebrate during a family stay or, why not, friend, will be grateful to you for this gift. Your pleasure is our pleasure. This is why our participation to accompany this gift card, will be ......... the bouquet of flowers which will take pride of place in the living room. Renée Co-owner with my son David,


And why not for the pleasure of simply pleasing

It is not the value that counts but the gesture. Nevertheless: What a pleasure to receive such a nice gesture from the person who loves you to the point of offering you this gift certificate. When you come, a beautiful bouquet of flowers will be our present to us, your interlocutor and David dear son.


What gift would please?

An idea ? Participation in the next family reunion in La Grange de David, a reunion that always delights our parents. It is a message of solidarity in pleasure. Thanks thanks....