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Accessibilité aux personnes en chaises roulantes

Accessibilité aux personnes en chaises roulantes

Daily accessibility means improving everyone's autonomy! Did you know that people with reduced mobility represent almost a third of the Belgian population? Indeed, this notion of person with reduced mobility takes into account several parameters linked to different types of present deficiencies (visual - hearing - mobility) or added such as driving a pram, pregnancy, the elderly. ..

To visit with certainty regarding accessibility linked to your disability or impairment, here are some links to select your visits:

EXAMPLE: Aywaille zone p 4-6

Comblain-au-Pont • Musée du Pays d'Ourthe-Amblève ... p 4

Ferrières (Vieuxville) • Ruins of the Logne castle...... p 5

Aywaille (Harzé) • Milling and Bakery Museum ...... p 6